About us

Why ElisabethConcept?

ElisabethConcept has uniquely interwoven the knowledge and skills of Master Hairstyling, Skin Care, Cosmetics, Make-up Artistry, Style & Colour Consultancy and Organisation to create a single flow of information between these enablers of perfect self-presentation.


Who I am

Qualifications / Certifications

  • Master Hair Stylist
  • Make-up Artist
  • Image Consultant

Why Here?

ElisabethConcept is an ‘exclusive service’ in the luxurious surroundings of Hotel Volcan. The custom built store is the only one of its kind in the world. It is designed so that you can completely relax and enjoy the journey of change in the safe hands of its professionally trained staff.


Why Now?

ElisabethConcept specifically targeted the all-year round vacation attraction of the Canary Islands for its location. The concept helps you transform your self-presentation, look & style.

You need time and the will to change and that is what you have on vacation – right now!
ElisabethConcept is a team approach that caters for individuals and groups; Weddings, Mother & daugthers and friends.
You get a chance to bring home something that will have everlasting value!


Like so many of my customers I live a richly facetted life. I am a mother, wife, business woman and I lead a very active private life. And I know from experience that these layers challenge the entire woman within.
That is why I developed a method in ElisabethConcept that not only enables women to master these challenges but allows them to intensively enjoy doing so.
My customers enjoy their newly won self confidence, their extra free time and long lasting success – and I enjoy helping them get there.