Hi Elisabeth,

I really enjoyed the colour consultation with you while on holiday.  I love fashion and I feel I have a good flair for style but the tips and advice you gave me were fabulous.  They are my secrets forever.  I now know what suits me and what colours drain me.  With this invaluable information I feel I have the edge and the confidence to look my best every day.

I can refer to my notes anytime and my colour wheel will go clothes shopping with me always.  Thanks again.  Emer O’Neill

(Stayed at the Hotel Volcan)

 Hello Elisabeth,

I particularly liked and enjoyed my consultation with Elisabeth, she was so professional and she has helped me change my colors to suit my complexion.  I really found her service to be a wonderful addition for both man and woman guests in your hotel. I have visited many countries and I have never come across such a fantastic service for busy men and women who need to be dressed correctly for their work.

Kind regards and greetings from Ireland.


Hello Elisabeth !

Everything is going well.  New length’s being tackled and wardrobe got a clear out at weekend.  All the cut-offs are either going or being shortened  & I’m watching shapes for the new summer clothes coming in to the shops.  There’s nothing like a holiday to give one a kick start!.  Went about my new glasses this morning and will have them next week.

I can´t wait to see how well they work for the shape of my face. I wore for 20 years the wrong shape glasses and the optician didn´t know. What a shame! You helped me so much and I want to thank you sooo much. I will recommend you to all my friends to come and stay in the Princesa Yaiza, because it has such your unusual and so special service.

Thanks again, best regards, Eleanor

Dear Lisa,

regarding my clothes, I have bought 5 x  dresses for night wear or formal wear and have 4 x for wearing for breakfast / day time wear so think I have done okay style wise and would say I have used my knowledge to good use. The weather back home has been awful so am only wearing my new dresses now as it is sunny here!!! Even being here I have bought a couple of smart linen tops as well as fabulous thin woolen scarves!! You would be proud also of me as I now have a very smart pale grey linen car coat and have just purchased from online a reversible car coat in wool being navy one side and grey the other side so thus the new scarves from here!!I am getting very organised now, especially for my holidays. That was always so difficult for me to pack my suitcase, not any longer. You showed me how to go about that subject and get a grip on it, forever! Packing takes no longer than 15 min. now. What a success. Thank you,

A. from scotland



I really enjoyed my  session with you – there was so much to go through the time went really quickly and if anything I would have liked  little longer.  Since having the colour consultation it has helped me to understand why some items in my wardrobe just never felt right on me since it has now made it easier to make the decision to just send those to the charity shop and focus on the ones that are right. It has also made it easier to choose new clothes as now I don’t even look at things that are warm colours. I have not made it to the hairdressers yet so still trying to decide whether to go short again or persevere with growing it long – I was pleased though to see the same colour numbering system as your board on some hair colours in the chemist so although I have not coloured my hair again yet I am much more confident about what colours I should be going for now. Thanks again,

Allison from England


The session with you was so helpful! I really enjoyed the time and the fact that my mum and I did it together made it even better, as now we chat about it and have fun trying to work on the advice. I have taken a few small, but invaluable tips from what you said and I notice they are making a big difference. I have a few up styles that really work for me and allow me to look well. Also I have bought a few products too and having listened to you I realize that if I have a few staples, and look after my hair well, it will make all the difference.  For years I thought my hair should look great just natural, but I now realize that even creating the “natural” look needs a little bit of attention, but I can see that once you know what to do it is not hard work. That was a big thing for me,  the session made me realize that you simply need to get to know a few key looks/ways to deal with your own hair – things that work for you and your own style.  Then you simply get used to doing those, become confident with them, and then you can look good everyday with very little effort! I am going to the hairdresser and I am looking forward to having it shaped up according to your advice as I can see how that will work very well for me.  Hopefully I see you again in the future and would certainly love nothing more than to have another session with you.

Take care, Jane

Dearest Lisa, I cannot tell you how many times I have thought of you, mentioned you to people who have commented and complemented me on my clothes I am wearing.  I truly miss our sessions and really look forward to spending some time with you and placing my daughters in your capable hands.  There is no way I am going to allow them to go through a large part of their adult life knowing as little as I did regarding correct style and colour. I am hoping to do the trip to Lanzarote next year. And my plan is to go to your hotel Princesa Yaiza. I have looked already on the homepage from the hotel. It´s beautiful. So, this will happen early in 2013. Looking forward to see you again. Best regards,

Bonita from South – Africa


Dear Lisa, my time spent with you on monday was such a wonderful,exiting  and life experience and the knowledge will stay with me forever. My clothes,jewellery and colours will never be the same again.I am just sorry I could not have spent longer with you on my journey with ElisabethConcept, but as I said, we will be venturing to this beautiful hotel again, by the end of 2012.My very first appt will be with yourselves on “style and proportion!!Can´t wait!! Your patience and your professionlism is second to none and you go above and beyond helping your clients so special,worthwhile whilst boosting their confidence and selfesteem. Thank you so much Lisa and my very best wishes and good luck always.

Julie Bell-Pook from Northern Ireland


The biggest change for me is a mind shift which works on a deeper level than just wearing nice clothing: to know that some colours are not for me, and be more certain that others are for sure, saves me lots of time of hesitating,trying clothes etc. The advice on the silver/gold part is also working out fine.I did look through my wardrobe,luckily I didn´t have to get rid of to many things, but I know now what to buy if I want more colours and I did buy some nice items. Got a lot of compliments..(it´s not just the colours, it´s the confidence that comes along with it..)So, it´s about your advice, where you know what a busy woman is about, who needs to feel good out there at work, with little time. Thank you for your interest, and when I am back in the Hotel Princesa Yaiza again, I will come back for the long version.

Hester from Luxembourg


Had a lovely trip, but you made my vacation, my daughter was delighted with the change. Have an appointment for my hair and my dressmaker, so now I am on a roll, wish you were closer to help out. Started on my closet, so its all coming together. I know it will take time, but I am so ready again, many thanks and will keep in touch.It was so lovely meeting you.

Theresa from Ireland

This is just to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions at ElisabethConcept in finding out which styles of clothes would suit me and how to wear make-up.It was great fun learning about why the styles I wore were wrong for me even the shape of my glasses! So in knowing my colours,style of clothes which suit me and my new make-up techniques I really am a new woman!!!

Audrey from scotland

Dear Elizabeth, the style and color consultation is one of the highlights of my year! Through your individual consultation I now feel much more confident in my choice of clothes and their colors. I managed the implementation soon. The amendment of the clothes gets well made as discussed. I try a lot and feel comfortable. I owe you more comfort, safety and certainty in dealing with clothing, jewelry, makeup, shoes, accessoires, haircuts and so on … Amazing is the quick and positive response of my environment on my new look and harmonious style. Many thanks and best regards until next time, for sure soon

Mary from Germany


I get on easier and I think I am more stylish every day. For example buying shoes with heels…and then arriving at the office I change them 😉 like the women in New York. I don’t ever again leave the house without make-up, I get along pretty well with the Bobbi Brown products. Sometimes my neighbours don’t recognize me, even if I made only a few changes :-). And then I think about the exciting hours with you and it makes me happy. It was definitely worth the time, I feel much better! And actually I threw out all the clothes that don’t work well for me. Right now my wardrobe is perfectly organized and I know that everything inside works for me. Doing this I had to think about the time I spent with you….Thank you so much!

Isabell M. from Munich


When I heard the first time of ElisabethConcept, I started to intensively investigate the topic of colour and style consulting. Until then I had always chosen my clothes because of feelings or the latest fashion news. I found a lot of pages in the Internet describing different types of colour and how to determine them. But I also realized that it’s not just looking into the mirror and knowing which type you are. I couldn’t figure out which colour scheme I belong to. And I was more and more interested in Elisabeth Concept and knowing my colours. And finally, after a devastating shopping trip, I decided to make an appointment. All my expectations were surpassed. In a very nice, relaxed atmosphere I didn’t only learn which colours work for me, I also got the feeling to be in professional hands. I learned how I could control the emphasis of my highlights and cover my weaknesses. The knowledge I received gave me a feeling of self-confidence. And now, having passed a few weeks I can tell that the comments “You look pretty tired today” have disappeared. I was surprised about all the people around me complimenting me on my clothes and ON ME! And the best about it: I only put away the disadvantageous clothes of my closet and did the same with all my make-up. The effect: incredible and inspiring! I will go on paying attention to colours and style and will intensify my knowledge. I am looking forward to discover my new ME!

Andrea from Tinajo, Lanzarote


Since I consult Elisabeth I am more confident about myself, I spend less time choosing my clothes when I go shopping, I know my colour, my right shape for the upper top and I change the shape of my sunglasses! I improve my style and clear my mind when I choose colours: clothes, jewellery and even make up. It’s amazing, thank you Elisabeth!

Afef, Lanzarote


Regardless what fashion I wore I never felt confident with my look. Just the notion of being at the center of attention in work, or in my private life made me extremely nervous and anxious. So, going unnoticed became like a safe harbor for me – a safe bet if you will, but unfortunately a place of underachievement and frustration. For years I yearned to break away from this position of mediocrity but I did not know how.
ElisabethConcept changed all that for me. From the first day I began living the concept I never looked back. Freeing me from the shackles of uncertainty I have finally learned to relish the spotlight, take the lead, and reach my goals with confidence. ElisabethConcept is my navigation system to success. Its unique and integrated approach guarantees perfect harmony and alignment between hairstyle, color, make-up, fashion and accessories. I simply follow the plan and the outcome is assured. Whether I am delivering an important business presentation or attending a wedding I know my look is in-line and it will not let me down. Thank you Lisa for changing my life.

Andrea – Salzburg, Austria.

The workshops were intense and exciting. You have taken the complexity and frustration out of fashion for me. I love the energy and buzz I get from knowing I am looking my best every day.

Maeve – Cork, Ireland

Being a working woman and a mother of three took its toll on me over the years. I always had good taste in fashion but the time demands of my responsibilities left me choosing functional clothes over exciting fashion. I became the hair-up, flat shoes, jeans & t-shirt woman. ElisabethConcept has proven to me that no matter how busy my schedule I can still enjoy looking and feeling fantastic, effortlessly.

Eva – Salzburg, Austria

Finding a unique look for me was always the Achilles heel of being a woman. To tell the truth, I unfortunately was not born with the gift of creating a perfect look – I have constantly envied the rare few that have. Shopping was a nightmare, where just the overwhelming choice alone left me too often undecided and depressed. Choosing a hairstyle or experimenting with make-up left me frustrated and unhappy.
The ElisabethConcept workshops have taught me the skills I need to create a perfect look for every occasion. Its unprecedented method of taking a holistic approach to finding the unique you is refreshing and invigorating. I even no longer dread the thoughts of going shopping. In fact I look forward to every trip downtown knowing that I will return home with success. Thanks to you Lisa for your patience, persuasive skills and a second to none concept that is designed for the modern day woman.

Susan – Munich, Germany